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You see, I finish another book every day or so, so you can imagine how impossible it is to remember every title, author, and series name. And that picture? Simply beautiful. Her abusive ex is hardly out of the picture, though. Press is a much more complex guy than I would have guessed from the previous books.

But Press is big-hearted and understanding, and he wins both Jane and her son over even before she fully lets him in. Press, of course, is just wonderful.

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While I was expecting a lot more drama on his part, the way it played out was more true to life. Not every custody battle is worthy of the evening news, and it was a good show of how Jane handled things well on her own. The Best of Me is a heartwarming and romantic story of a single mom not just trying to make it on her own but succeeding.

The love story is somewhat slow to develop, as it should be when a kid is involved, but when it does, it becomes a wonderful, emotion-filled path to happily ever after. Queen of Alwasy by Sherry D. Queen of Tomorrow by Sherry D. I really liked Zack in the previous book, so I was excited to find out this book is his love story.

And true to form so far, the story is chock full of lust, danger, and crazy suspense! But everything takes a much more dramatic turn when the station gets its first call of the day. They manage to save her of course! Zack, at twenty six, is completely inexperienced, whereas Corrine is a stripper trying to pay her way through nursing school. As always, danger lurks, though no one can figure out quite the cause.

I have to say that this is really where you have to suspend belief. Someone initially ran Corrine off the road, which nearly killed Zack trying to save her.