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American winger Carlin Isles arrived at rugby sevens via a background of American football and track running.

850,000-year-old human footprints found in Norfolk

He's bagged over tries on the World Rugby Sevens Series. Story highlights Gray recently signed for Atlanta Falcons Has little experience of American football Leaves his rugby career of eight years Gray won 22 caps for England Sevens. After that, he hopes to become a regular starter in the NFL -- winning games, Lombardi trophies, and respect from fans.

Gray has never played a game of American football in his life. In fact, the closest he's come to competitive gridiron has been playing video games with his brother.

BRITISH PRIEST Reacts to "GOD IS A WOMAN" by Ariana Grande

Follow cnnsport. A rugby convert, he discovered the NFL was looking to recruit cross-sport players in January.

Standing at 6-foot 6-inches, weighing in at kg and able to run meters in under 11 seconds, Gray's unique athleticism meant he fitted the mold. After several months and a week trial in Florida, the former England Rugby Sevens player found himself flying out to Atlanta with a career as a tight end beckoning.

Industrial Revolution | Definition, Facts, & Summary | Britannica

And I said, tongue-in-cheek, 'if nothing else comes up, why don't we just go to the NFL and make a load of money? The only thing I had ever done was thrown a ball about with my mates when I was younger. It's been full-on ever since. Gray trains with the Falcons between 7am and 6pm everyday, and then heads back to a hotel room to pore over books and training manuals, cramming in as much as he can about the new sport.

For eight years, Gray had what he calls a "crazy love affair" with the game of rugby. He captained England at youth level in a team containing the likes of Owen Farrell, Mako Vunipola and Jonathan Joseph -- regular faces in today's test team. READ: Rugby sevens -- the best day out in sport? A rare combination of speed and size meant he was well-suited to the faster-paced game of rugby sevens. After several seasons with England -- which included being named his country's player of the year in -- he missed out on selection for Great Britain at the Rio Olympics.

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More Videos Scotland do the Dizzy Drop-Goal Challenge Gray spent the end of last year playing in the second tier of English rugby with Yorkshire Carnegie. The speech, thus, evolved into Inglorious Empire , in which Tharoor dissects most of the arguments made by apologists for the empire with hard facts and deft writing.

The East India Company was created in to cash in on trading with India, which at the time accounted for more than a quarter of all the trade in the world. It soon realised, however, that its ambitions would be better served with a permanent presence in the country, and from then on the trade took off. In some or so years, through a series of conquests and some clever politicking, the company created a rival empire on the subcontinent among the already warring ones such as the Maratha, Mughal, and Awadh regimes. Today, the argument goes that, had it not been for the British, those rival factions would not have coalesced into a single entity.

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This argument stands on two pillars. First, that the British created the idea of a political union called India. Second, that they provided Indians the tools and institutions needed to hold the union together and run it. The first one falls when you consider history. In their entire year rule, they made up no more than 0. And, yet, for most of that period, no Indian was allowed to join the Indian Civil Service, in part because the British could not bear to take orders from a brown man.

Forest Green appoint first woman to manage English men's academy

When they were finally admitted, more direct racism was in store. High scorers in the civil service examinations were accused of cheating, for how else could brown men do so well. Under the British, Tharoor shows that, the Hindu caste system became more rigid, and communal lines, particularly those between Hindus and Muslims, deepened. Nowhere was the application of that singular ethos clearer than when, on their way out, the colonialists partitioned the subcontinent into India and Pakistan.

A democracy cannot function without a free press and just law. Roger : This is a very different work. And they shorten words and they use letters to get their message across.

English Men's Amateur Championship

It tells us that people play with it and sometimes the changes they make stay. Some of those changes were made years ago, some of them were made years ago. But some of the changes we make now in internet chatrooms and the way we talk to each other and the way people around the world use English will become the future of English as well. This video reminds me what incredible changes the English language has undergone and that It Is thanks to its flexibility if nowadays It Is still amongst the most widespread languages in the world.

It Is impossible for me to understand Middle English. As for the Italian language, Its origins are from Latin and many dialects are spoken which are often hard to be understood by the Italian themselves. I'm Italian, and so I know that my language comes from Latin. Having studied latin and a little philology I found out the evolution of the language due to the various contact through the centuries among population of different culture and language. I think it that this kind of evolution is very fascinating. I use to think of language like a "living being", which changes, develops togther with their speakers.

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  5. I've studied English literature and history at University, so I read poems and poetry either in old or in middle English. It was a little difficult but understandble. I agree with the fact that English will change in the future, most of all because of Internet and of immigration and other social changes. Rogers says: "there's lots of reasons", "there's no grammars, there's is no guides". In informal situations, it's not uncommon for native speakers to use 'there's' with plural nouns.

    I never recommend that my students speak this way, as they are judged differently as non-native speakers, but it's useful to know that natives speak this way sometimes! Spanish is a great language so I was remembering that our language have several greek and latin roots like the best known phrase: -Nosce te ipsum- that means: You have to know yourself, this is the knowlege principle, another phrase that I study when I was a child: vox populi vox Dei, that means: The people voice is the voice of God.

    I don't think that I'll be possible to read and understand the Middle English because after I have readed some of phrases that Shakespeare written, I consider is different like the english today and I see other words that I never seen before. I think that English is a versatile and live language and surely, it will be changing with the step of the years. Spanish language started around one thousand years ago after the defeat of Roman Empire, so is base in Latin Language and catch many words from other cultures and language, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is as equivalent to Shakespeare in Spanish with his book "El Quijote de la Mancha", in my country nowadays Spanish language was enriched with Native languages as Quechua, some words from it is commonly used in daily basis.

    English has gone through remarkable impacts of history and culture.

    Who is Marcus McGuane, the first Englishman to play for Barcelona since Lineker?

    It is not impossible to count the phrases in English but to really get through their meanings we need to get an historical insight into English comprehension. As though it seems that English is the most proficient language of the world but very few people can contextualise their meanings with a sufficient labour.