Guide The Career of Your Life!: Balancing Work and Life

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If you are battling a chronic illness , don't be afraid to call in sick on rough days. Overworking yourself prevents you from getting better, possibly causing you to take more days off in the future. Prioritizing your health doesn't have to consist of radical or extreme activities. It can be as simple as daily meditation or exercise. We live in a connected world that never sleeps. Unplugging can mean something simple like practicing transit meditation on your daily commute , instead of checking work emails. Monahan said when she used to travel with her boss for work, she'd look over to find him reading a novel while she would be doing something work-related.

Now, Monahan practices the same tactics. Whether your vacation consists of a one-day staycation or a two-week trip to Bali, it's important to take time off to physically and mentally recharge.

According to the State of American Vacation study conducted by the U. Employees are often worried that taking time off will disrupt the workflow and they will be met with a backlog of work when they return.

This fear should not restrict you from taking a much-needed break. While your job is important, it shouldn't be your entire life. You were an individual before taking this position, and you should prioritize the activities or hobbies that make you happy. Chancey said that achieving work-life balance requires deliberate action. When planning time with your loved ones, create a calendar for romantic and family dates. It may seem weird to plan one-on-one time with someone you live with, but it will ensure that you spend quality time with them without interruptions or excuses.

Just because work keeps you busy doesn't mean you should neglect personal relationships. Set boundaries for yourself and your colleagues, to avoid overworking and burnout. When you leave the office, avoid thinking about upcoming projects or answering company emails. Consider having a separate computer or phone for work, so you can shut it off when you clock out.

If that isn't possible, use separate browsers, emails or filters for your work and personal platforms. Additionally, Chancey said it is important to set specific work hours. Chancey advised notifying team members and your manager about boundaries beyond which you cannot be accessible, because you are engaged in personal activities.

This will help to ensure that they understand and respect your workplace limits and expectations. Set achievable goals that you are passionate about, with respect to your career, health and relationships.

Think about what tasks are most important for achieving a healthy work-life balance and prioritize them. Make your workday as productive as possible by implementing time management strategies, analyzing your to-do list and cutting out tasks that have little to no value.

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Pay attention to when you are most productive at work and block that time off for your most important work-related activities. Avoid checking your emails and phone every few minutes, as those are major time-wasting tasks that derail your attention and productivity. Structuring your day can increase productivity at work, which can result in more free time to relax outside of work.

Regardless of what your goals and priorities are, make sure that they are conducive to a healthy work-life balance. Find the cash for a business coach. That way, you can find out sooner rather than later how to get rid of bad habits and implement good ones. This will save you time and energy, not to mention money spent on travel. When fear or self-doubt or anxiety creeps in, do some work on your mental health such as meditation or reading a business book.

Also, make a point of getting up and stretching every 15 minutes.

It will help you become clearer, more focused and more productive. Make time for a holiday and book in breaks, at least quarterly. Even a long weekend every quarter is better than nothing. Tags: Career Blog , India. Prioritise your time You may have a to-do list with 50 tasks on it, so you need to prioritize those tasks into four categories.

They are: Urgent and important Important but not urgent Urgent but not important Neither urgent nor important. Know your peaks and troughs Are you a morning person?

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Plot some personal time When personal issues arise, it can be tempting to bury yourself in your work. Manage your time, long term Create a timeline of your activities. Put dates across the top and activities down the side. Break each task into components. Make your workspace work for you Working for yourself does tend to require long hours and not much downtime, so invest in equipment that will support you.


An ergonomic assessment of your workspace is worth every cent. Tap into technology Instead of driving to a meeting, use Skype or conferencing technologies like GoToMeeting. Take time to make time Invest in time-tracking tools. That way, you can effectively estimate how long your next work task will take. Set the benchmarks early on and learn the lessons early. Do what you love Make time for something you love — other than work — and give it the time it deserves. Be realistic At the end of each working day, perform a little self-analysis. Step out Working for yourself can get lonely, so schedule some phone calls or coffee time with like-minded business owners to discuss ideas and offer each other support.

Get a business coach Find the cash for a business coach. Manage your mind When fear or self-doubt or anxiety creeps in, do some work on your mental health such as meditation or reading a business book. Alternatively, spend time with someone who will lift you up and support you.