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With valor and faith, he has destroyed the spirit of conformity that has kept many ministries stagnant. The ministry and message of this dynamic kingdom-builder are changing the world we live in by impacting thousands of lives each year. If you read his words carefully, they will change you, too!

He is also the personification of service, always thinking of others, working for others, and serving our community and the nation. It is my honor to call him my friend. In my forty-plus years of ministry and service unto the Lord Jesus Christ, I can truly say that Maldonado is the visual manifestation of the parable of the mustard seed that grew into a great tree.

Ronald E. In his ministry, I see Jesus in the now, and the government of God is demonstrated in everything he says and does. It is a normal occurrence to hear him preach and, later, to see a flow of creative miracles take place that impact even the minds of unbelievers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Used by permission of Zondervan. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. ISBN trade pbk. Christian life—Pentecostal authors. M35 '. In one way or another, they have inspired me in the ministry by releasing the prophetic word over me and by their continuous prayers.

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Others have been mentors in a specific area of my life and ministry. Others are my personal friends, just like Paul and Barnabas. Still others are my spiritual children, as Timothy was to Paul. At all times, they have supported and stood by me. The Word teaches us to honor those who deserve to be honored, and this is one way I would like to recognize their individual support.

The measure of faith God has given them has been of great help to me. It has strengthened and enriched me. These individuals have encouraged me to seek newer and deeper territories in God and a greater level of growth in His glory, anointing, and power. They have been role models in my life and have inspired me during the past two decades in ministry. When the ministry experienced times of great need, they gave me the prophetic word. During difficult times, they served me and my family. These things touched my heart so deeply that today I take this opportunity to publicly thank them.

All of them have been a great blessing to me, in my personal life, as well as in the pulpit. I have learned much from watching how they carry on in their personal lives and from their integrity.

5 Secrets For Tapping Into The Supernatural Power Of God

Many of them have shared important revelations that inspired me and have helped me to write this book. First, I thank my beloved wife, Ana, for her continued support in prayer, and my sons, Bryan and Ronald, for their unconditional support. Richard Roberts; Bishop R. Myles Munroe; Dr.

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Osborn; and Dr. Renny McLean. Also, my most sincere thanks to the pastors, prophets, and ministers, my spiritual children, for your support—for some have been with me since the onset of this ministry. My deepest gratitude to each of you. I honor you and bless you because you have been a permanent source of inspiration to me. Thank you. Evil seems to be increasing, not decreasing, in society.

Rebellion, wars, and rumors of war fill the evening newscasts.

The Secret Laws of Prayer, Intercession, and Walking in the Supernatural | Faith Island

Financial crises are affecting countries around the globe where deceit, lies, insecurity, and fear abound. People are desperately looking for answers to these problems, but neither governments nor political leaders nor the religious system seems able to offer valid solutions. Thankfully, this ineffectual god is not the real, living God of Scripture. The fundamental purpose of this book is to give you the answers you need in order to live in victory, peace, and joy—even in a world that seems to be falling deeper and deeper into darkness with each passing day.

Here, you will come face-to-face with a powerful and supernatural God—a God who works miracles like the ones He performed centuries ago, a God who hates sin but loves the sinner. The God you will discover in this book manifested that infinite love by sending His one and only Son to earth as a sign of His unrelenting love for us. This is the same God who performed healings, miracles, signs, and wonders in the Old Testament, the same God who continued to perform them through the early church during the time of the apostles, and the same God who continues to perform those same miracles, signs, and wonders through His body—all those who put their trust in Him.

He has given us supernatural power to live in victory. Without the ingredient of His supernatural power, it is impossible to overcome tribulation, sickness, and any other adverse circumstances that rise against us. A Hunger for the Supernatural Today, we see a generation filled with unanswered questions.

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  4. They hunger and thirst for God. Their thirst has not been satiated because religion does not offer valid answers. Most of them want to have a real relationship with the living God and yearn to be used by Him to manifest His supernatural power on earth. The world seeks answers to the following questions: Does God continue to perform miracles today? What does a life of miracles do for us? Can Christianity be considered relevant if it operates without miracles? What makes the Christian life more than just another religion or philosophy? Do we need the miracles mentioned in the Bible today?

    What makes a Christian credible? What proof can we offer people that Jesus lives, and that He is not just another good teacher or wise guru? Can rituals, rules, or regulations change people? Through whom does God perform miracles? Can anyone be the recipient of a miracle? All of these questions will be answered as you read this book. In addition to getting to know a supernatural and powerful God who continues to perform miracles, you will also come to learn about the complete work of Jesus at the cross, and how, through the cross, He fully provided for every need you might face.

    You will discover that the cross is the only source of the supernatural. You will learn how to live a life of faith in the midst of a dangerous and uncertain world. And you will learn how to receive your miracle and what to do so that God may use you to perform miracles that will bless other people. You will know how to walk in the supernatural power of God. As you read this book, you may even find yourself receiving healing and experiencing creative miracles. If you are missing an organ, God can create a new one within you, just as He did in the people whose testimonies you will read.

    You may receive financial miracles or deliverance in your mind and emotions. God will impart revelation, activation, and transformation to you so that you may finally become one who is chosen by Him to manifest His power wherever you go.

    A Voice from Heaven Told Me This Secret to Unlock Miracles…

    You will be enabled to testify to Jesus, pray for the sick, cast out demons, and work miracles as you carry out the Great Commission by taking the gospel into the world, making disciples, and having dominion over the earth. Dare to take this journey with me. With each chapter, you will come to know the supernatural, powerful, and immutable God for whom all things are possible, a God who can change and transform your life forever. Man has tried to know his Creator through intellectual means, but this has proven impossible because God can be known only through revelation.

    His intention was never to remain a mystery to His people. In fact, He has always desired for us to know Him intimately and to experience His attributes, strengths, and virtues.