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When talking to the media, Geisel was more interested in telling a good story than he was in telling a true story. Geisel the primary source for what you are now reading. During his senior year at Dartmouth College, Ted Geisel and nine of his friends were caught drinking gin in his room. This was the spring of , and the dean put them all on probation for violating the laws of Prohibition. To evade punishment, Ted Geisel began publishing cartoons under aliases: L.

Pasteur, D. Seuss, and Seuss. In acquiring his professional pseudonym, he also gained a new pronunciation. Most Americans pronounce the name Soose , and not Zoice. Seuss was not a doctor. Ted Geisel did consider pursuing a Ph. Though his Oxford notebooks include some notes on the lectures, they reveal a much greater propensity for doodling. They got engaged, and she finished her M.

Ted briefly contemplated becoming a scholar of the Irish satirist Jonathan Swift, but he realized that Helen was right. He really did want to draw. So, he left higher education, they returned to the U. In , Dartmouth gave him his first honorary doctorate. He would eventually receive several more honorary degrees, including one from Princeton. By pursuing his love of drawing, Ted Geisel became one of the few people to earn a Ph. Success was not immediate.

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After a year of scraping by, Ted chanced upon the career that would make him famous: advertising. It all began when he happened to use a popular insecticide for a punchline. In a typical Flit cartoon, large mosquitoes converge on a child at a picnic. A song was based on it.

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The phrase became a part of the American vernacular for use in emergencies. It was the first major advertising campaign to be based on humorous cartoons. The Cat in the Hat would change all that. Why did he decide to write for children?

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This might be true. To silence friends who bragged about their own children, Ted liked to boast of the achievements of their imaginary daughter, Chrysanthemum-Pearl.

People often asked Dr. Seuss how he, a childless person, could write so well for children. When he married the former Audrey Stone, who in would become his second wife, Ted Geisel acquired two stepdaughters: fifteen-year-old Lark and eleven-year-old Lea. Seuss had no children. Several years later, he tried once more with a new book. Again, publisher after publisher turned it down. The new book had seemed like a good idea. When Geisel arrived back home, he revised the text, added illustrations, and created a picture book. Depending on the version of the story he tells, either 20, 26, 27, 28, or 29 publishers rejected the book.

Geisel was walking down Madison Avenue, about to throw the book away, when he ran into former classmate Mike McClintock, who had just been appointed juvenile editor of Vanguard Press. But that book would not appear for another six years. He was worried about the expanding world war. I found myself drawing pictures of Lindbergh the Ostrich. Lindbergh and other members of the America First Committee thought that the U. Seuss disagreed. His cartoons make fun of isolationists. They oppose fascism.

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They criticize discrimination against Jews and against African Americans, at a time when such discrimination was both legal and common. In , his freshman year at Dartmouth College, no fraternities invited him to pledge. A tale of a tyrannical turtle who builds his empire on the backs of his suffering citizens, Yertle the Turtle took its inspiration from the rise of Hitler.

A visit to Japan served as part of the inspiration of one of his most powerful anti-prejudice books: Horton Hears a Who! Dedicated to a Kyoto University professor he met on his trip, the book dramatizes the plight of the Whos, inhabitants of a planet threatened with destruction unless others such as Horton stand up for them. Who-ville facing annihilation suggests a parallel with two Japanese cities facing atomic bombs dropped by the U. But the Whos could stand for any group of people threatened by a more powerful group. And he had. And that plain little lad got a little bit mad And that plain little Mack did a plain little thing.

Namenda works by increasing the level of glutamate in the brain and is thought to interfere with cell death. Researchers say that by the time someone exhibits mild cognitive impairment, the brain has been degenerating for years, and the drugs, even if they can slow the decline, are too little too late.

But doctors and patients hope that starting a drug soon after diagnosis might make a slight but tangible difference — slowing memory loss enough to forestall total dependence. Sandy quickly agreed, which surprised Daryl, because she usually avoided medication, other than a low dose of Prozac that she had been taking for years for depression. Something about her diagnosis had opened up an emotional vein in him. She loved the tender, attentive husband who seemed to have emerged from the ruins of her diagnosis.

It was a bit like the earliest days of their relationship, back in , when they met at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. She was a senior psychology major; he was a new assistant professor of psychology. For a while, this worked well. So well, in fact, that in they were featured in the inaugural issue of Ms. They were a slightly odd couple. Sandy was petite and not the least interested in fashion. He would also come to be known, later in his career, for some controversial experiments involving ESP. Despite their good intentions, though, the marriage grew strained.

In , when the children were 19 and 17, the Bems separated. After the split, Daryl acted on his attraction to men, a part of his sexuality that he never hid from Sandy. Yet he and Sandy never divorced, and he remained a frequent visitor to the big house in Cornell Heights where they raised their children. He ate dinner there a few times a week and stayed involved in the lives of Emily and Jeremy — even more involved, in a way, than when he lived with them.

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By this point, a year and a half after her amnestic M. She had retired from Cornell, but she was doing well. She could still travel alone to familiar destinations, including Austin, Tex. Jeremy had temporarily moved back home to be with her. She saw a few psychotherapy patients.

After reading about it, Sandy thought pentobarbital was what she was looking for. It causes swift but not sudden unconsciousness and then a gradual slowing of the heart. In fact, she preferred having people know that she died by her own hand. Sandy had a special relationship with Bev, who was six years younger. A year before Sandy received her diagnosis, Bev was found to have Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

The sisters had discussed the fact that Oregon law allows people with terminal illnesses to take their own lives. It was weeks before she could get past that jealousy and take Bev into her confidence. On the phone that day, Sandy told Bev that pentobarbital was a controlled substance in the United States. She would have to write to one of the foreign suppliers listed in the book and hope for the best.

Bev suggested an alternative: When the time came, she could request the drug from her own doctors in Oregon and then give it to Sandy. On Dec. Sandy went down to Austin, still able to make the familiar trip on her own.

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During the previous two years, her life had become more limited, but she continued to enjoy it. She managed her day-to-day needs in part because she was such a creature of habit. She ate almost the same thing every day: a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, a piece of salmon for dinner, mugs and mugs of tea throughout the day.

Her freezer was always stuffed with pound bags of almonds, so she could roast them by the handful and sprinkle a few onto chocolate frozen yogurt for her nightly treat. By then, she was also taking a second F.