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VCITC Participate in individual or collective action, both orally and in writing, by making arrangements, inviting, planning, deciding and responding. VCITC Participate in everyday classroom activities by asking permission, requesting help, asking how to say or write something, asking for repetition, praising or complimenting. VCITC Translate texts to compare meanings and share understandings about aspects of Italian language and culture that are different from English.

VCITC Select and organise information from a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts in Italian; process and analyse ideas; and represent meanings, opinions and perspectives as appropriate to particular audiences.

VCITC Socialise with peers and adults to exchange greetings, good wishes, factual information and opinions about self, family and friends, routines, shared events, leisure activities, interests, likes and dislikes. VCITC Initiate, sustain and extend discussions related to aspirations, relationships and contemporary social issues. She hurriedly returned to the path.

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Una farfalla gialla volava tra gli alberi. E diede la caccia alla farfalla tra gli alberi. The forest became thicker and thicker. A yellow butterfly flew down through the trees.

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And she chased the butterfly through the trees. Then she saw some purple flowers in the grass. Nel frattempo, due occhi minacciosi la guardavano da dietro un albero.

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Meanwhile, two menacing eyes watched her from behind a tree. Dove vai?

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Little Red Riding Hood started to run, and finally found the path. But as soon as she began to relax she heard another strange noise behind her Why do you walk in the forest all alone? Where do you go? Forse ci incontreremo ancora!

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The wolf arrived at the end of the path, where the little house stood. She didn't notice anything strange. Povera nonna! In meno di due secondi il lupo aveva attraversato la stanza e ingoiato la vecchietta. Un boccone! Poor Grandma! In less than two seconds the wolf had jumped across the room and swallowed the old lady. Just one gulp!

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