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By the time he moved to Chicago, the place where his criminal career would catastrophically escalate, he was already a seasoned fraudster, but now he was poised to go much further. Settling in the Windy City and working in a pharmacy, Holmes purchased an empty patch of land where he started building a vast multi-use structure intended to include several shops and a hotel. Welcome to the murder castle AmericanRipper pic.

Upstairs in the Castle was a labyrinth of dead-ended corridors, fake doorways, trapdoors, and rooms that were soundproofed and rigged with peepholes and holes through which he could pump deadly gas. Meanwhile, down in the cellar, Holmes had a makeshift dissecting room and crematorium, ideal for disposing of numerous corpses. Holmes was eventually put on trial for the murder of an accomplice, which led to his other crimes coming to light. Looks like an awesome read! Thanks for the chance! Penni June 11, at pm.

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This looks good! Rho June 11, at pm. Sounds like a book I will stay up all night reading to see how it ends! This would be great summertime reading!

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Vicky Bair June 11, at pm. Thank you Reply. Susan June 11, at pm.

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Sounds very intriguing. Susanne Troop June 11, at pm. Love a good thriller! Daniel Cuthbert June 11, at pm.

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Cynthia Stetson June 11, at pm. Would love to read this thriller. Kathy Robello June 11, at pm. So interesting!! Dan Carr June 11, at pm. This should be a page turner! Dana Damato June 11, at pm. This book sounds very intriguing.. Going on my to be read list Reply.

Susan T. June 11, at pm. Katherine Turcotte June 11, at pm. On how I adore a great mystery. My First Mistake sounds like a great read! Catherine Myers June 11, at pm. Amanda - Devouring Books June 11, at pm.

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Jackie Wisherd June 11, at pm. Would love to read this book and share at my mystery book club. Sounds like a good one. Denise Fox June 11, at pm. Lynn Pallaske June 11, at pm. An awesome book with so many first mistakes Reply. Susan Morris June 11, at pm. Is she really your best friend?? Can hardly wait to find out! Michelle Caniglia June 11, at pm.

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  6. Daniel Weber June 11, at pm. Sounds interesting. Susan Meek June 11, at pm.

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    I love this kind of book! I loved her first book. Looking forward to reading this one Reply. Lisa June 11, at pm. Sounds awesome! Margaret E June 11, at pm. Diana Hardt June 11, at pm. Sounds like a good book. Thank you for the chance. Christine Smiga June 11, at pm. Sounds really interesting. Would love to read this book. Kay Bennett June 11, at pm. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Barbara Bibel June 11, at pm. Sounds fascinating. Ruth June 11, at pm.

    Sounds great Reply. Carolyn Y June 11, at pm. Pattie Salter June 11, at pm. Angela Walker June 11, at pm. Gail Coulson June 11, at pm.

    Secrets of a Serial Killer

    Anh N. Thank you for the giveaway. It would be a great summer read. Michelle Willms June 11, at pm. Suzan philipsen June 11, at pm.