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So, expect to always attend a church that you disagree with somewhat.


But try hard to give up peripherals and focus on fundamentals. The great deception is now. Assume they are brothers and sisters in Christ unless they truly abandon the gospel which a few do, I know.

I Am Tired of Being a Modern Pentecostal!!! : I Desire to Be a Better Preacher

From there, I am born again. Before that, it was all about acceptance by God through work. Our dictatorial pentecostal leader also compound the problem. My take is Pentecostal theology is swallow and too much emphasis on what we can do for God. In extreme case, how we can manipulate God to our favour. Rather childish. It is like a circus!. Sadly, many Pentecostal are sincere people but misguided.

I do think, more pentecostal are moving toward solid words of God, instead relying on personal subjective experience no matter how valid it is. Thanks for your comment. I know that some pentecostal churches not all can err toward dangerous levels of legalism, mysticism, and personality worship. I suggest you learn the essence of the gospel 1 Cor from great writers like J. Packer, John Piper, Michael Horton and others, and look for a congregation based on their faithfulness to the biblical gospel.

But no church is perfect, and neither are we, so, be prepared to be flexible. I just want to say thank for this article. I am currently withdraw my church affiliation in the UPCI and starting to meditate, study thoroughly the word of God and seeking the will of the Lord. This article somehow help me in my healing process because honestly its really hurtful to leave the congregation with my beloved pastors and brothers and sisters in faith there but I have to do it by faith and trust in the Lord.

I realized that when you submit be rest assured that you are submitting to the authority which is right and true. Blind submission results to destruction. Scriptures alone are the sole authority on the truth. God bless your ministry in Jesus name :. Thank you, and may God reveal the height and depth of His great love for you, and His power at work in you through Christ.

May this comfort you as you grieve parting with fellow believers you love. Standing upon what Scripture teaches is often a painful step. But there is freedom and joy in His Spirit. Most of my relatives on both sides of my family are associated with AOG in some way, but has never been a comfortable fit for me.

I remember even as a kid thinking most of the preaching was bragging about how much the pastor had achieved because of God not much humility , and all the drama! As if one poor choice is all it takes to be on the road to hell! Fear based indoctrination. I lived in the UK for a couple of years, and it was there I encountered really good theological teaching but it could be so dry! Some of this has been part of the Baptist church I now attend, and I find it a little concerning.

Thanks for your comments. This was concerning because a simple reading of Scripture shows that only God curses with justice and power, and that His curse is the punishment for sin. For non-dry, AND theologically rich preaching, try podcasting R. I would really love to talk to someone on this topic.

May I have your email address if you do not mind so we can talk.

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I am 22, from Zimbabwe, Africa. I am on: amiswitch gmail. Hello, and thanks for reading and reaching out. I try to encourage all our readers to use the comments section to add to or question the content of this post.

It behooves us to look at WHY Pncsts practice what they do as they do. Interesting that Jews demanded signs back in the day. We still do, in the flesh. The Living Word, is no longer enough. We want signs and wonders.

Mike Horton is great on this, the sufficiency of hearing and believing, and the power of God to save through the Word. Though far be it for Presbyterians to get as crazy as the Pents.

Pentecostalism and Its Impact

Great comment. My Bible was telling me true worship was obedience to God, not waving my arms. Many alarms were going off in me spiritually. I prayed for guidance and where to go. So I had a great conversation with my eye doctors receptionist and where she attended. Teaching is biblically sound, mix of old and new hymns which i had wanted…. The other people there seem much more mature in tbeir walk and more sincere. Hi Lon, we share the same last name. I recently left the Pentecostal church.

It first started with a study into Reformed Theology, where I began to see the Doctrines of Grace very clearly in scripture. Even though I am now more reformed in my views, I am still studying the continuation of the sign Gifts in the church.

Is there anything you may have to offer that would be of benefit? I appreciate your time. Great surname, brother! After I gave up on Pentecostalism, I was left with a gaping hole in my theology regarding the continuation or cessation of the sign gifts. I left that hole open for many years, trying to keep an open mind, and avoid a knee-jerk jump to the cessationist side.

I read J. The sign gifts and other supernatural phenomena described in the NT bear no resemblance to the practices I observed and practiced in 20 years as a modern pentecostal. Further the nonsense promoted by many charismatic leaders is even further removed from the Christianity of Peter, Paul, John, etc.

My opinion. I could be wrong. I encourage you to reach your own conclusions. Is it still plausible that the sign gifts continue?

I Am Tired of Being a Modern Pentecostal!!! : Rev Stephen Cortney Maxwell :

Of course. All I can say is that I have seen no evidence of continuation. I can say that the regular means of grace hearing the gospel through preaching, personal study, prayer, communion have been far more useful to my spiritual growth than the ecstatic, crisis emphasis we often see in pentecostalism. My background was charismatic — a milder version of pentecostalism in the denominational churches. I became a cessationist when I realised that the spritual gifts are fake — as you say above, psychology is the explanation.

I think it has really shaken up all the churches and encouraged them to become more creative in their approach, getting them out of a cultural timewarp, promoting every-member ministry and a joyful living faith. I left because there are more biblically faithful bodies. But there is much that we can give thanks for and praise God together with them.

My walk is not perfect by any means, and I routinely fall on my face.

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But I do believe that God has led me out of error, much like He has Lon. It is done out of love and humility. Hey John, Grace and peace to you. No matter how you try to speak your conviction with humility, someone will always judge you negatively. I hope your experience in this brings you more joy and confidence in the gospel. Thank you for this. In reading your post, I have found extremely close similarities to my life as well. I would like to briefly share. I grew up in a pentecostal church from birth until I was 16 or so. Many years after going through life the hard way I returned to a pentecostal church where the associate pastors were my old pastors growing up.

After about years of reading the Bible faithfully and learning the scriptures for myself, I started questioning the leadership of the church in my mind. I started questioning doctrine. My wife and I ran a ministry solely for alcohol and drug addiction.