Guide How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Scammed

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How to buy gold

The Mint produces two types of bullion coins: Proof bullion coins , which are specially minted for collectors and usually sold in a protective display case directly by the Mint. Uncirculated bullion coins , which are minted for investment purposes and sold to a select number of authorized buyers based on the current market price the spot price for the precious metal plus a small premium charged by the Mint.

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Investigate Before You Invest Investing in bullion or bullion coins is a big decision. If you're thinking about it: Ask for the coin's melt value.

The melt value for virtually all bullion coins and collectible coins is widely available. Consult with a reputable financial advisor you trust who has specialized investment knowledge. You may want to talk to other investors, too. Shop around. Most banks offer gold bullion, often at a lower markup than dealers. You also can enter the name of the coin into an online search engine to compare prices from other dealers. Get an independent appraisal of the specific asset you're considering.

Buying Gold and Silver Bullion From Online Coin Dealers

The seller's appraisal might be inflated. Consider additional costs associated with the investment.

What are Precious Metals?

You may need to buy insurance or a safe deposit box, or you may need to rent offsite storage to safeguard your bullion. These costs will cut into the investment potential of bullion. Be wary of buying bullion or bars that won't be delivered to you, but rather to a "secured facility," by the seller or a third party.

When you buy metals without taking delivery, you face the risk that the metal doesn't exist, isn't of the quality described, or isn't properly insured. Walk away from sales pitches that minimize risk and sales representatives who claim that written risk disclosures are just formalities required by the government, and therefore not necessary. Reputable sales reps are upfront about the risk of particular investments. Refuse to "act now," regardless of the consequences. Any sales pitch that urges you to buy immediately is a signal to walk away and keep your money in your pocket.

Check out the company by entering its name in a search engine online.

Gold as an investment

Read whether other people have something to say about their experiences with the company. Try to communicate offline if possible to clarify any details. In addition, contact your state Attorney General and local consumer protection agency. Checking with these organizations in the communities where promoters are located is a good idea, but realize that it isn't fool-proof: it just may be too soon for someone to realize they've been defrauded or to have lodged a complaint with the authorities.

Ask for a guarantee or certificate of authenticity for the bullion's precious metal content. Research the company behind the guarantee or certificate because certificates of 'authenticity' can be faked.

Mint — usmint. This updated edition of Stack Silver Get Gold is the only gold and silver investing book you'll ever need because its written by a nationally recognized precious metals investing expert and Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures trader with 15 years of buying gold and silver bullion under his belt. Tons of useful information and very well written.

You have a real winner in this book. But you aren't exactly sure where to start or you have questions like How can you avoid having your gold and silver confiscated by the government?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Silver Bullion—Provident Metals

How do you start investing in gold and silver if you don't have a TON of money to invest using a strategy called dollar cost averaging? Where do you go if you want to make a HUGE silver and gold investment? You don't want the government to confiscate your precious metals or throw you in jail. The people in the gold and silver bullion market want to chew you up and spit you out.