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Today, the trains are long gone, but the buildings and fragments of the track remain:. Skip to content. Log Book Date : 1. Diary Monday 1 July Shoot with SB. Direct hit on No 3 pit. KD90 was the zone number given to a hostile battery, just southeast of Merville. This is an extract from a , scale map, dated 27 June Credit: GreatWarDigital.

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But where this photo was taken would not have been a good place to stand at pm on Monday 1 July KD90, on Rue Loridan, just outside Merville, today Squadron Record Book In his diary, Greg records the shoot as successful. Extract from 42 Squadron Record Book for 1 July Click for larger image. Type and Number: R.

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  • Monday 1 July 1918 – Greg’s First Shoot.
  • Lt Gregory. Lt Watkins. Duty: Art Obs S. Hour of Start: 2.

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    Called up 2. Direct hit on No.

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    Shoot by P. A later entry in his diary suggests that he was in touch for a while with Albert Gertrey , at least. And maybe Holmes and Jones were particular friends, too:. That was evidently more successful than the two attempts at photography that followed: one was thwarted by engine trouble, and the other by the camera jamming. If zone calls are essentially about target acquisition for the artillery, then shoots are about target degradation and ideally destruction.

    The number was preceded by a letter code to indicate how far away the shell landed. The following diagram illustrates the numbers and letters:. A small complication was that the letter O was used instead of the number 12, in order to shorten messages.

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    Friday 5 April — Landings and Ground Strips. Monday 29 April — Zone Calls.

    Wednesday 27 March — 42 Squadron in Aerial Combat. Whether or not the spelling was common, the problem certainly was evidently more common than it should have been — both for guns and camera jambing, or, as we would say, jamming. Although there was no flying for Greg today, it could well have been sometime around now that he got his first glimpse of an enemy aircraft, in form of a Fokker Eindecker E. One of these aircraft was known to be at nearby Upavon for part of the war, and it is quite plausible that trainee pilots from Yatesbury would have been shown what a real German aircraft looked like, if only as part of their necessary instruction on enemy aircraft types.

    According to Wikipedia :. He was forced to surrender before he realised his error and could destroy the aircraft. The E. The question arises whether the crash on landing at the end of the second flight was deliberate, so as to practice what happens in the event of a crash.

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    Zone calls are one way wireless messages by Morse code from aircraft to artillery batteries giving information about targets, such as enemy batteries firing, enemy transport and troop movements. Fine levels of detail are not visualisable on a , map.

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    • The artillery and infantry tended to use , and , scale maps, depending on the purpose in hand, which were revised periodically as trenches and other ground features changed. These revisions, incidentally, would rely heavily on the aerial photography of work of the corps squadrons. If this combination of squares and grid references sounds complicated, it is not actually different in principle from an Ordnance Survey grid reference, which in one of its incarnations uses a combination of an identified square and a decimal grid reference within the square.

      For example, the OS reference SU is based on a km square designated SU and then, within that square, a three significant figure decimal grid reference A zone call was a one way wireless message from the aircraft to an artillery battery on the ground.

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      Working today in BE2es and DH. After all, in aviation it was as true in as it is today that although takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory.

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      Skip to content. Log book entry Date : 6.