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Sustainable mobility and transportation involves many different decisions to be made by individuals and by policy in general. This requires high-quality information and a reliable and comprehensive data base. This brochure provides an information and data base that structures trends in transportation and the resulting environmental effects on humans and the environment with the help of tables, graphs and illustrative examples to make it understandable and readable. It informs on the traffic situation and environmental situation in Germany, identifies problems and provides orientation for sustainable mobility.

In einem ersten Abschnitt stellt der Verfasser die ihm bekannten Literaturstellen zusammen. Yes and no to grid expansion. The construction of new power plants using renewable energy sources necessitates expansion of power transmission grids. Everyone is in agreement about that, but there is disagreement about the details.

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum kontinuierlichen laserinduzierten Beschichten von Endlosfaserbuendeln. The invention relates to a process and a device for the laser-stimulated coating of continuous fibre bundles from the gas phase permitting the application of the necessary coatings to carbon, graphite or silicon carbide fibres required for the production of preferably metal or ceramic matrix composite materials in continuous operation.

According to the invention, the fibre bundles are spread evenly to form a fibre strip, transported through a reaction zone closed off by gas locks and irradiat Der gemeinsame Ausgangspunkt des Evolutionsgedanken ist dabei die Beobachtung, dass die biologische Welt nicht konstant ist. A controller 10 determines the power supplied by the reader. A compensator corrects the measurement value determined by the reader using the power determined by the controller so as to achieve a corrected measurement value. A microelectromechanical system comprises a deflectable actuator plate and a stop surface.

An integral piezoelectric functional layer of the deflectable actuator plate is formed over an area APS of the actuator plate.

The deflectable actuator plate is designed to implement a concave curvature in at least one driven or non-driven state, wherein the stop surface is arranged in a manner facing a concave side of the deflectable actuator plate defined by the concave curvature. The deflectable ac The phenomenon has so far been discussed only sporadically. The material is enlarged in here by several examples. As a result, it is shown that the mechanism has occurred at all possible positions in the word. Zum Begriff der kommunikativen function in der Linguistik. Die quantitativ bedeutendste Methode der nuklearmedizinischen Herzdiagnostik ist die Perfusionsszintigraphie mit Tl oder einem der Tc Biological indication of nitric oxides; Zum bioindikativen Nachweis von Stickoxiden.

The authors demonstrate the need for a nitrogen oxide bio-indicator and suggest to use nitrate reductase activity in exposed plant leaves to be established in vivo as the action criterium. Their results are taken to show that large-leaved plants like sunflower or tomato grown with ammonia as the only nitrogen source are best suited for bio-indication of nitric oxides.

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Untersuchungen zur Eignung verschiedener Pflanzen und Anzuchtbedingungen werden vorgestellt. Aus ihnen ist abzuleiten, dass mit Ammonium als einziger Stickstoffquelle angezogene grossblaettrige Kulturpflanzen, etwa Sonnenblume oder Tomate, am ehesten fuer den bioindikativen Nachweis von Stickoxiden geeignet sind. In future Light Water Reactors special devices core catchers might be required to prevent containment failure by basement erosion after reactor pressure vessel meltthrough during a core meltdown accident. Quick freezing of the molten core masses is desirable to reduce release of radioactivity.

Several concepts of core catcher devices have been proposed based on the spreading of corium melt onto flat surfaces with subsequent water cooling. Therefore, a series of experiments to investigate high temperature melt spreading on flat surfaces has been carried out using alumina-iron thermite melts as a simulant. The oxidic thermite melt is conditioned by adding other oxides to simulate a realistic corium melt as close as possible. Spreading of oxidic and metallic melts have been performed in one- and two-dimensional geometry. Substrates were inert ceramical layer, dry concrete and concrete with a water layer of several millimeters.

The influence of a shallow water layer on the surface onto the spreading behaviour has also been studied. Meditation zum Lukasevangelium 19, Udgivelsesdato: Zum Stand und zu den Perspek-tiven der allgemeinsprachlichen Applied historical geography flourishes in the Netherlands at Wageningen. The author explains ideas on this subject and examines eight parts of it from the Netherlands point of view: the need to explain the cultural landscape; to explain the relationship between basic and applied study; work in.

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  7. Validation of computer codes and modelling methods for giving proof of nuclear safety of transport and storage of spent VVER-type nuclear fuels. Criticality safety during transport and storage of spent VVER fuel elements. The report gives the results of investigations on the validation of computer codes used to prove nuclear safety during transport and storage of spent VVER - fuel of NPP Greifswald and Rheinsberg. Characteristics of typical spent fuel nuclide concentration, neutron source strength, gamma spectrum, decay heat - calculated with several codes - and dose rates e.

    Differences and their possible reasons are discussed. The results show that despite the differences in the source terms all relevant health physics requirements are met for all cases of source term. Es werden eine Charakteristik des abgebrannten Brennstoffs Nuklidkonzentrationen, Neutronenquellstaerke, Gammaspektrum, Nachzerfallsleistung - berechnet mit verschiedenen Programmen - und Ortsdosisleistungen z. Differenzen und Ursachen werden diskutiert. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass trotz der Differenzen in den Quelltermen alle strahlenschutztechnisch relevanten Aussagen unbeeinflusst bleiben.

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    Illicit operation of industrial plant subject to licensing, or of other installations within the purview of the German Federal Emission Control Act BImSchG , which have been shut down for protection against hazards section , subsection 2, No. Daneben werden die spezifischen Problempunkte des Para.

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    Hervorzuheben sind hier insbesondere die Ausfuehrungen zum Anlagenbegriff i. Ergebnisse der Studie "Beitrag der Mikroelektronik zum Umweltschutz". An effective and realizable environmental policy is dependent not only on the responsible behavior of each individual, but also on technological innovations. The study shows how the use of microelectronics supports this innovation process. The supplements show comprehensively the twenty-five areas of application for environmental microelectronics were analysed, including twelve manufacturing industries, combustion plants, industrial waste incineration, road traffic, household machines, agricu Aufforderung zum Kampf.

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    Geschlechterkonstruktionen und Antisemitismus zum Tanzen bringen! A Call to Arms. Ihre Ergebnisse belegen die Abrufbarkeit und damit auch die Wirkungsmacht antisemitischer Sexualphantasien und Geschlechterbilder bis heute. Gender-Killer collects studies about the meaning of the category of gender in anti-Semitic discourses since the nineteenth century. They share the thesis that sees a constitutive connection between anti-Semitism and gender constructs.

    The studies attempt to bridge university and politics, theory and practice by beginning with the necessity of an anti-fascist engagement in society. Their results prove that anti-Semitic sexual fantasies and gender images are both immediately recallable and potent today.

    Pressure vessel failure at high internal pressure; Untersuchungen zum Versagen des Reaktordruckbehaelters unter hohem Innendruck. A RPV failure due to plastic instability was investigated using the ABAQUS finite element code together with a material model of thermal plasticity for large deformations. Die Familiennamen des ostfriesischen Kreises Leer : sprachliche und geographisch-statistische Untersuchungen zum Namenbestand um Ebeling: Familiennamen im Landkreis Leer um naamkundig gekarakteriseerd d.

    Soft Power ist zu einem einflussreichen Konzept avanciert — in der Politikwissenschaft, aber auch in der Politik selbst. Dabei bleibt es sowohl theoretisch als auch praktisch umstritten. Anhand des Afghanistan-Einsatzes der Bundeswehr The article summarizes essential aspects of successful management strategies, including cross selling, of the Mannheim-based multi-utility enterprise MVV Energie AG, which developed a successful portfolio of innovative products and services.

    Die dieses Schwerpunktheftes spiegeln sowohl die inhaltliche als auch die methodische Heterogenitaet der aktuellen Diskussion wider. Sie differenzieren und erweitern den Informationsstand ueber einzelne Formen und deren Folgen vor allem von Mini Overview of the Electricity Research Programme ; Elektrizitaet. Ueberblicksbericht zum Forschungsprogramm In the electricity transport and storage area, future energy networks, decentralised power generation and storage, energy flow optimisation, compressed air storage systems and corrosion in pipelines caused by alternating current are described.

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    High-temperature superconductors and their potential in power transport and in electrical machines form another topic. In the information and communication technology area, optimised use of electrical energy is looked at, as used, for example, in set-top boxes and smart-home systems. Also, uninterruptible power supplies are looked at. As far as drives and electric motors are concerned, an industry convention is examined as is the optimal purchasing of drives.

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    A functional prototype of an energy-saving motor is described, as are a high-efficiency, gearless drive. Further papers on projects in the compressed-air area are listed. In the devices area, the papers range from energy-efficient hotel mini-bars over water coolers through to optimal energy use in vending machines for cool drinks and refrigeration units in stores. Further topics include dehumidifiers, sewage sludge treatment and a study on the electromagnetic fields of energy-saving lamps.

    National and international co-operation is reviewed and various pilot and demonstration projects in the above-mentioned areas are briefly presented. The report is completed with a list of research and development projects and a list of pilot and demonstration work. Phytohormone balance in healthy and diseased conifers.

    Untersuchungen zum Hormonhaushalt gesunder und kranker Nadelbaeume. Frenzel, B. The symptoms of forest decline point to disturbances in the equilibrium of various hormones. Starting from reliably healthy trees extent and development of these deviations were examined in sick trees. This was at first done as to ethylene and abscisic acid, as well. Both these hormones display already in needles of healthy trees remarkable changes in their contents depending on age and ecological situation of the tree examined.

    With 86 figs.

    Survey about the climatic behaviour of mobile homes; Untersuchungen zum klimatischen Verhalten von Wohnmobilen. Leimer, H. Traveling with mobile homes gains more and more importance in the mobile world. Very dif-ferent regions are visited during any seasons. A basic premise is the maintenance of a comfortable climate in-side the vehicle.

    In the context of a research program the thermal and energetic behaviour of mobile homes and the thermal-hygric behaviour of the exterior building elements were investigated subject to the surrounding climate, the user's behaviour and the building elements. Wie schreiben sprachschwache Kinder? Beitrag zum Zusammenhang zwischen explizitem und implizitem Sprachwissen. Der Beitrag fokussiert den Zusammenhang zwischen sprachlich explizitem und implizitem Wissen in den Bereichen Wortschatz, Grammatik und Orthographie bei sprachschwachen Kindern.

    Denn damit lassen Apg ; Anaerobic degradation of paunch and pig stomach contents. Untersuchungen zum anaeroben Abbauverhalten von Pansen- und Schweinemageninhalten. Tritt, W. Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft, Braunschweig Germany, F.

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    Slaughtering wastes amount to about 60 kg of paunch and 1 kg of pig stomach contents per animal.