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I want to thank you for helping me pass my [Registered] Merit [Reporter] test in Nov. Your theory and Magnum Steno Club made it possible. Next is the Realtime [CRR] test. I know with your help, I'll succeed there as well. Hope to meet you at a LiveNote seminar soon. Thanks for all your contributions to our profession. I would like to start off by thanking you so much for the Magnum Steno Club. I recently passed my CRR and just got my certificate in the mail yesterday. I could not have done that without all of your advice and practice with the Magnum Steno Club.

I've emailed you in the past about advice on how to pass the CRR and even the speed contests. I wish to continue to grow in the court reporting community. So I will be working on that now and will try to stay focused on that goal. I just wanted to drop you a quick note that in the last year I have achieved steno-awesomeness due to your methods! Needless to say, that this is not the terminology I normally hear. Yes, it was very dense and technical and kicked my rear.

However, I had time to fingerspell words and partial words, i. I just wanted to say thanks for your advice and for answering my questions [on the phone] the other day. I took a testimony test the day after I talked to you, and before the test, I thought about what you said about getting nervous and how it can become an excuse. So, before the test, I told myself that getting nervous is a habit which I was going to break.

I thought to myself, "this one is for Mark. And guess what else. The word interview was in there like five times. I was pretty sure that I passed it, but I didn't find out until today. After reading some of your testimonials, I realized that you really don't need more compliments and praise, but I just had to let you know how much you have helped me. Well, I intend to get back to putting more effort into my practicing, and I'm getting my motivation back, thanks to you and your Magnum Steno Club.

It has been a little while since we last emailed so I wanted to update you.

Court Reporter Exam Flashcards Study System

I'm continuing to work in the Magnum Steno Club every day. As a Phoenix-trained writer I have a major mountain to climb to make these higher speeds happen. After the convention some of the students you met from Atlanta and I started a Friday practice club. It's a great time for an online student like me to enjoy a little steno 'shop-talk. I sat for the RPR this past weekend and it only affirmed for me that I need to amplify my work on the three pillars of the Magnum Steno Club.

I've practiced at and above those RPR speeds, but my Phoenix foundation really hampers what I can do north of I've re-dedicated myself to shortening, and using Natural Reader I can now drill the briefs from the Magnum Steno book daily. I think that is going to have a dramatic impact on my abilities. This week I've added over words from the Common Multisyllabic section to my daily drill list, and I'm just scratching the surface. I love the Dictionary Challenge as I aspire to eventually work in all stenographic settings Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and thank you for what you do.

Keep it coming! I'm going to be a major MSC success story soon. Per today's video, I wanted to let you know that the daily briefs on the main page are helping me, and I run through them a few times on my machine before I watch the speed video. I use your random words generator for focused brief practice, but the daily briefs are a great way for me to learn some briefs through "osmosis" as well as reinforce briefs I already know.

Also, I am just loving the MSC in general. I passed my August RPR machine portion on the first try, and I completely credit the MSC for it, because I did nothing but practice in the club for the weeks leading up to it I am so glad to have found your theory and the club, because it's made me believe I can actually gain the needed speed to do this job.

I was an official court reporter for 5 years and recently transitioned to captioning. I joined the Magnum Steno Club to increase my speed and also my ability to hold that high speed for a longer period of time.

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I noticed a huge difference practicing 3, 4, sometimes 5 or more times a day. The dexterity in my fingers even felt better. I cancelled my membership a little over a month ago. I left my court reporting job so I could be home with my kids, and only captioning part time, my funds were a little low. I'm happy to say that I have rejoined and hope to be able to stay a member, as I feel it is an indispensable tool in my career right now!

My fingers weren't getting the warm-up they needed before captioning and I was getting TIRED at about 6 minutes into my show. I've been a member of the Magnum Steno Club for a little over a year, and I just want to thank you very much for everything you do! My writing has improved significantly, and I'm finding that I'm even receiving compliments from attorneys! The other day I had a very complex med-mal case, and at the end of the dep, the attorney thanked me for doing an excellent job and even contacted the agency to tell them how pleased he was.

Court reporting--a profession in demand

I'm still trying to pass that darn CRR, but I know it's just a matter of time. I also turned 50 this year, and I've made it my goal to pass it before I turn 51! I never really thought of it that way until I began your club, but it is so true! But since our telephone talk a month or so back, I have totally embraced it.

I am excited to write on my machine again. I tear pages out, bring them to work and work on them every chance I get! For some reason, now I totally "get" your theory whereas when I first got the book, I couldn't quite grasp some of your methods and I shied away from using the book. Now I wake up in the morning, saying to myself, "Gotta get downstairs to my machine and to my Magnum Steno Book! It's great! So rejuvenating!

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I was going to wait a little bit before I shared this with you, but I am just so unbelievably psyched about how it is truly clicking! The only regret I have, of course, is not having it click right away : So for any new purchasers out there, I hope they keep a more open mind than I had - it will save them sooooooo much time, frustration and money!!!!

Thanks again and again and again! I have to say, I could not have done it without your instruction. Shortening my writing and practicing high speed was THE key.

Not even that long ago, I was certain I could not pass it. And at the time, sadly, I was definitely correct. My theory was way too long and my fingers were not fast enough. I experienced a dramatic improvement after only a short time of hard work. Can't imagine if had been doing this from the very beginning. I started learning your theory at my school at about wpm.

This is a turning point at my school for many reasons. First, the tests go from 5 minute only being tested on familiar material, to 10 minute tests of unfamiliar material. Many students get here and plateau HARD. I was one of those students. My theory is a write-everything-out theory. We learned a small handful of briefs maybe and many of them were, in my opinion, completely worthless good many is G-M for example. Also, my school didn't give us a lot of push speeds.

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We would go up to about when the test I needed was In addition, I was required to attend my trail class of wpm. So there was a lot of writing out and a very little bit of push speed. Then I found the Magnum Steno Club. I can't really recall where I heard about it from, although I think I may have stumbled upon it looking for my Lightspeed writer. So I signed up for a free week trial and that's when my theory began to evolve.

The first thing I did was go to brief groups 1. From there I went to the instructional video section and learned that not only me, but a majority of people can't get past certain speeds. At that point I realized it was up to me to better myself, and that the two pillars of the MSC would give me the foundation I needed to learn how to write faster than I thought possible. Slowly but surely I learned to focus harder, control my breathing better, and get those fingers moving stronger and faster.

Eventually my brain learned that words come way faster than I can keep up with. One of the ways I practiced learning briefs was on my familiar material. I would pyramid the method my school suggested only this time I would pyramid with the briefs and phrases learned in magnum steno.