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By remembering these patterns they are sharpening their memories , and this helps them in all areas of learning.

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Now the improvement of reading skills might come as a bit of a surprise, however when students learn to play, they regularly have to describe moves using coordinates and when they reach a slightly higher level, they have to write down their moves as well — both of these have a positive influence on reading skills.

A study in The Bronx between two classes in each of five schools shows that pupils who undertook chess lessons obtained significantly higher reading scores at the end of the year when compared to the control group — which actually did more reading during the time that members of the other group were doing chess. Mathematics is where the biggest link between chess and education can be seen. Many of the various modalities of thinking involved are shared between the two. In a study in New Brunswick, Canada, showed that chess, built into a part of the maths curriculum significantly raised the problem solving scores of the students, when compared to the students who undertook the regular maths curriculum.

A game of chess means students need to employ a level of creativity in their chess to solve problems encountered during the game. Similarly, critical and original thinking is important in chess, using rationality to make decisions based upon possible scenarios and outcomes. Once again, the synergy with education are there — students need to be able to utilise various types of thinking in their school work.

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Logical and sequential thinking are also encountered in chess and are possibly the two most important aspects when calculating combinations. Obviously these two attributes are both heavily linked to maths where using logic is important and the ability to work through problems sequentially becomes invaluable. Decision making is the cornerstone of chess.

Every move requires a decision and the ability to choose the best option will determine how you go in a game of chess. This mimics many aspects of school work, and life in general where decision making is of the utmost importance. Chess teaches students to narrow down the possibilities and think rationally about the options in order to come to the best decision.

As an aside of decision making, consequences get brought into the equation. For every bad move or poor decision in a game of chess there is a consequence. This is similar to life where for each decision there is a good or bad consequence — at an extreme level a bad decision might lead to serious repercussions in the judicial system. At a normal level, a consequence could be such as time out due to bad behaviour and so on.

Chess helps teach students that for each decision there will be a consequence — and at least when playing chess, perhaps the worst consequence is that we lose the game.

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Not only has chess provided a further avenue for our gifted and talented children to express themselves, but it has also provided an opportunity for other children to shine in an academic and competitive pursuit. We feel the chess programme has challenged and motivated children through participation in interschool and intraschool competitions. It has encouraged risk taking in a safe environment and creates an enjoyable problem solving environment with a strong emphasis on good sportsmanship.

We have found instances where children with learning difficulties have succeeded over the chess board, and, this in turn, has helped them to achieve in the regular literacy and numeracy activities of their classroom.

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The educational benefits of being a chess player are many and include honing analytical thinking skills and aiding memory retention. Apart from the educational benefits, our students have great fun in our school-based Chess Club, competing in intra-school and inter-school tournaments, making new friends, improving their games and achieving personal bests.

We love it! Wisdom is the combination of knowledge experience and sound character. Chess provides us with a vehicle to develop the character of our young men. Chess teachers our young men, patience, self-control, Humility, how to deal with loss and disappointment is a non-threatening and controlled environment.

This resilience is highly transferrable to all other areas of life because it is stored as character. Hirsch is sympathetic to the challenges of poverty, but comes to the same section of the book that Willingham calls attention to and comes to the same conclusion. James is, of course, terrifically determined and hard-working, the model of the Tough anti-cognitive success story.

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