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Calculating your business pricing structure. Keeping financial records.

How to Get the Most From Cash-Back Credit Cards

This course will show you cost effective ways of attracting customers and persuading them to buy your products and services. Click on the button below to book a course.

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Email: hello humanityunites. Identifying a viable business opportunity.

Five Signs It's Time To Be Your Own Boss

Accessing free support. Considering ways of raising finance.

Identifying sources of external expertise. What will persuade them to buy from me? Who will be my customers?

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  • 1. Determine what you want to do?

What am I offering? What selling methods are going to work for me? How many sales do I need to make? Who is the competition and how can I compete?

How To Start With No Money

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What It Means to Be Your Own Boss

The seminars cover everything from how to build a great business, to how to pitch your idea in front of a boardroom or live audience. These free evening seminars are open to everyone, including students, staff and businesses. Whether you want to take your business ideas further or advance your skills to support and shape your career, our seminars can help.

Delivered by successful entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields, these seminars will give you invaluable hands-on tips and advice on team building, presenting, pitching, marketing, video production and much more.

I quit my job and it felt good, really good!

Networking can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. It may be the most important time you will spend with your peers to create connections for the future. They were a wealth of information and all free!