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Businesses especially agriculture engaged in foreign trade defaulted on their bank loans. The progressive Fed was shrinking the money supply to correct its earlier inflation and cut off money to the banks with defaulting loans, causing a mass bank failure. The progressive Hoover pressured businesses to maintain high wages to maintain demand and economic growth. This caused businesses with falling revenues to lay off millions of workers they could not afford. Hoover then imposed a millionaire's tax to nearly double federal spending for public works projects to put the unemployed to work.

Business investment came to a screeching halt and the economy went into a tail spin with even more bank failures. Millions of yankees such as myself moved down and millions more immigrants moved up and remade the place. In South Carolina, a GOP government led by the daughter of Indian immigrants had no problem taking down the Confederate flag a prior racist Democrat government raised by law. None of them will lose their jobs to "racist" former Democrat voters. Our own 'rhoidless one repeats his misstatements of history and economics on the Great Depression.

By the Bybee [expletives deleted], is CO part of the old - or new - South? Where did all the bubbas of the old South go?

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Aren't they still around with proudly displaying their cConfederate battle flags and AK 47s? Perhaps in time the millions of immigrants will remake the old South, but not yet. The changing demographics may do so in time. As a wise person said: "Demographics are destiny. And he also ignores the history of how that flag had been put in place in reaction to the Civil Rights Acts of the mid s, clearly the reaction of the old South.

Our own 'rhoidless one sucks at his revisionism. Shag: Where did all the bubbas of the old South go? Most of them were part of your generation and have died off.

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Have you actually lived in the South over the past generation? Southie in Boston is more racist. It is about as expected author writes for "The Nation" etc. Strom Thurmond is dead, right? I asked a woman from SC about him back in the day and she said that he died c. I think she was kidding though. I hope Shag got plenty of printer ink for his hobby of printing out articles among his gifts. And, some Madeira wine -- perfect for drinking while reading about originalism since it was a favorite of John Marshall.

I never heard a racist comment out of him when he lived up north. He's now as racist as his neighbors. BB: I lived in Jacksonville before moving out to Colorado. Jax beach is a tourist area where you would have to search hard to find a southern accent. Your Democrat Old South no longer exists. I lived in Jacksonville before moving out to Colorado. His wife is from the south. All the people that he hangs out with are from the south. They all have southern accents.

BB: That is hardly a survey of the 21, who live in Jax Beach. Joe, my preference is any Port in the stormy seas of originalism. I've got 14 reams of 8. Regarding our own 'rhoidless one's comment on South Boston, it has changed significantly in recent years with gentrification as extensive commercial development is taking place in the waterfront district that had been idle and underdeveloped for many years.

Download e-book Batson Challenges: Litigators Casebook (Criminal Law Series)

Public transportation has been expanded making access more convenient. Yes, the old South Boston has been changing from the anti-bussing days with demographics as destiny. Yes, Boston has had problems over my lifetime but I have seen a lot of progress, making the downtown Freedom Trail more of a reality. My law office was a block away from the Trail on School street and in the course of a day I would cross and walk along portions of the Trail, noting all the visitors following it down to Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

But one could safely enjoy the several jazz clubs and Soul Food restaurants in minority areas. As to our own 'rhoidless one's claim that most of the bubbas have died off, someone forgot to tell a lot of them openly carrying in TX and other former slave states threatening the lives of others in restaurants, shopping centers, and apparently soon in motion picture theatres.

That is hardly a survey of the 21, who live in Jax Beach. I've been there a lot in the last 15 years. The "old south" ain't dead. Shag: Open carry is hardly a racist institution and does not threaten anyone. The West has a long history of open carry without the accompanying Democrat history of racial terrorism.

You really need to get over your hoplophobia. A lot of us do know, and I suspect Brett does as well. I have no such phobia. Rather, I fear those irrationals, mostly white males, who need a glock in their jock to demonstrate their manliness. Perhaps any phobia I may have relates to 'rhoidless ones and his ilk who believe that the 2nd A is there to protect individuals when they disagree with federal, state or local governments.

As to our own 'rhoidless one's claim about the West and open carry, perhaps he glossed over the history of the wild, wild West. By the Bybee [expletives deleted], what is the history of open carry by slaves, ex-slaves in the slave states and the West? I immediately thought of the comments by our own 'rhoidless one several threads back on what might happen when he was in his Chicken Little "The Sky Is Falling!

Shag: The so called "Wild West" was created to sell pulp fiction.

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  4. Crime rates were actually lower in nineteenth century West than in most major cities back East. You are one never ending series of urban legends requiring correction. Our own 'rhoidless one continues to pull out his claims from his derriere: "The so called 'Wild West' was created to sell pulp fiction.

    We need to know what the gun laws were in the East and in the "Wild, Wild West" and how they were enforced as there were significant differences between major eastern cities and in "Wild, Wild West" communities.

    There was a "Wild, Wild West" before pulp fiction became popular. How well were gun crime records maintained in the "Wild, Wild West" and the mild, mild west that followed? And territories out West should be looked at with care following establishments of states. Oh, there's so much more to researching this rather than our own 'rhoidless one relying upon rural legends such as Mr. Shag: Start here re: violence in the not so "Wild West.

    If you want to put your retirement to good use. This is his modus operandi as a troll at this Blog: shoot first and research only is questioned. By the Bybee [expletives deleted], if our own 'rhoidless one actually read the 13 pages of the link he provided, I wonder what he has to say about the railroaders of The Gilded Age and violence in the West during the latter half of the 19th century in the form of subsidized U. Government violence for the robber barons' railroad expansion out West. I'll use this the next time our own 'rhoidless one lauds The Gilded Age as America's best days.

    Further by the Bybee, our own 'rhoidless one has time for clients what with his engagement on this thread and elsewhere? To what party did each and every one belong? Obama performed particularly poorly with white, southern voters.

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    Of the eighteen states in which he received a majority of the white vote in the general election, none are located in the South. The five states in which Obama received less white support were Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Geographically, Florida is indeed as South as a state can get, but culturally most of us Southerners think of Florida re the South much of what Scalia thinks of California re the West.

    As to the question being debated here I'd strike a middle ground: the South certainly had a more serious problem with outright racism up until quite recently, and while Bart's point about in and out migration since then certainly matters it would be a bit odd to think Southern culture has just rapidly transformed itself such that none of that is still disproportionately prominent there. Cultures, or one is tempted to say 'heritage,' just don't change that way usually. To take this back to the initial discussion of race, criminal justice and the limits of the Constitution What would happen if those who did not fit the profile were subjected to as aggressive and thorough investigation as those who did not?

    The situation described here is one of police assuming they know which groups are engaged in illegal behavior, subjecting those groups to more scrutiny, and, lo and behold, finding more evidence of illegal behavior among that group!

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    Seek, and ye shall find. We know for example that years and years of consistent polling find that whites are as likely if not more likely to use drugs as blacks. Perhaps that's not true for the drug trade as opposed to use, but if we're convinced to only look in one place it's a bit unremarkable that we tend to find it mainly in that one place But let's say arguendo that a drug trader is more likely to be black than white.

    I don't think it can be said that a black person is more likely to be a drug trader than not. And focusing on blacks in general, subjecting them to 'detain[ment' until the drug dogs arrive' hardly strikes one as equal application or protection of the laws.

    What can be done about it? I think Bart's comments about how police and prosecutors will strive to work around constitutional restrictions are well said and important. But it seems to me the answer is not to throw up our hands to behavior and consequences that are hard to square with equal protection. It seems to me the answer was, as hinted at in the OP, worked through to some extent in our Second Revolution, the Reconstruction Amendments.

    Unlike most previous Amendments these Amendments tended to empower Congress with the power to make 'appropriate legislation' to make the promises of the Amendments more real in the face of exactly what Bart is talking about. Apart from judicial restraint reasons, these should be read broadly exactly to empower Congress to fight what Bart is talking about.