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Additionally, bless your food. Ask that the vibration match you and serve you exactly where you are now. Every breath is a prayer.

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Use your thoughts to connect to the universe and give gratitude for everything. Meditation will also bring us into the stillness within, where we can connect with the wisdom of our own hearts. Sound is the language of the cosmos. The right music, binaural beats, classical music or even heavy metal at the right moment can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thoughts. Tom Kenyon is rightfully heralded as a master of sound; listening to his auditory activations will be a fast track to your growth. Korean shamans use laughter as their primary healing tool.

Anytime we find ourselves in a lower state, depressed, irritated or angry, know your go-to to bring you into giggles. A YouTube video or funny joke will bring you back to higher frequencies.

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Time outdoors is the most fundamental ally to change your frequency. Commune with nature to remember the rhythm and timing of the the universe which is vastly different than our human drive for instant gratification. The sun has been a boon of humanity in every world culture. Get yourself some Vitamin D to lift any funk and stimulate the pineal gland chakra. Dishonesty and addiction are detractors from this work. To be pure light in an active light body means holding purity in our thoughts, will and intention. To prepare, find a comfortable seat without interruption.

No need for stress or strain, just give your imagination permission to create this for you. Breathe with it, send it to others and direct that love into the internal spaces that need healing and affirmation. Send it to your emotions, your pain, your physical ailments and organs.

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This is the breath of life. It loves you and gives you the power to heal yourself. Stay in this state for as long as you feel comfortable. This light body is available to support you anytime. The truest vibration of the universe is ecstasy. Maintaining the frequency necessary to achieve ascension is challenging. The light body can stay activated for long periods, getting us closer to ultimate enlightenment, but this final achievement of the rainbow body is intentionally difficult.

Ascension: The Mystic Knowledge Series (Unabridged)

The good news: there are documented cases in the ancient texts of at least , souls achieving this feat. If they were able to do it in their day, we are so much closer with the current incarnations of evolved souls on this planet. A gifted medium, healer and intuitive, Andye Murphy walks with a foot in both worlds.

As a child psychic, she quickly realized there was more to reality than what most people could see or touch. With a degree in psychology and a decade spent in corporate America, Andye admitted talking to angels and spirit guides was more fulfilling, and left the nine to five behind. She has devoted her studies to shamanic traditions, ancient civilizations, past lives, galactic activations and vibrational healing, seamlessly weaving empowered spiritual guidance with effective transmutative healing.

Relying on the truth found in Akashic Records, her work delivers conscious expansion and peace of mind to clients from all walks of life.

Enlightenment (Documentary)

From cosmic play to past-life memories, she shifts her clients out the cobwebs in body, mind, heart and soul, to create a life that walks fearlessly down the path of truth. Login Sign Up. Gaia Staff. April 18, What is the light body? Elements of the Light Body The human energy field is made up of several layers. Rainbow Body Once the light body is activated, more sincere practices in absolute love are necessary to elevate the light body to the rainbow body state.

The rainbow body is the result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love. Ascension and the Light Body Once the MerKaBa is activated and our highest fields of the light body are achieved, we illuminate the rainbow body through our consistently loving thoughts and sustained ecstatic frequency. The Importance of the Light Body Beyond the supreme mastery of the physical form, the light body teachings are crucially important at this time for humanity.

Necessity of Discernment The teachings of the Mystery Schools were shared with only a select few.

The New Age Movement and Where It Came From

Below, I share a few steps for activation: Raise Your Vibration Vibration and purity of intention must be in place before undergoing the activations. Pineal Gland Decalcification Decalcification of the pineal gland is mandatory for us to achieve higher states of awareness.

It is well-written and based on sound scholarship. Written by an unknown author in the fifth century A. Edited and commented on several times until the twelfth century, the text played an important role in Taoist religious thought. Kohn presents the first Western introduction to this aspect of traditional Chinese religion and culture. Through her careful textual study and fully annotated translation of the Scripture of Western Ascension, she delineates the history, structure, and contents of what mystical thought meant within the Taoist religion.

She also discusses the religious background of the text and provides detailed analyses of the philosophical concepts of "The Physical Universe," "Mind, Knowledge, Language," and "The Way of the Sage.

Kohn's technical abilities and analytic skills are brilliantly in evidence in this work. Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The Xisheng Jing in History 3.

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Observing the Ascension of Baha’u’llah

We hope this series helps those who are interested in a special area of study to read all the recorded mystical and out-of-body travel experiences that the author had on each subject. For more info- www. Bestsellers in Religion: General. The Reason for God Timothy Keller.

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