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The Wind and the Wa…. Solar Wind. Wind Machine. Anyway The Wind Blo…. Toothless nudges her inside and the others follow, except for Stormfly and Cloudjumper, both too large, who have settled for playing some sort of game involving a butterfly outside. The exterior of the house may be different, but the inside is full of things she remembers.

She sees mementoes, weapons, bits of pottery and wall tapestries; it feels strangely like being home and not being home at all. The room instantly warms as Toothless blows fire into the hearth.

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She catches Hiccup looking at a large pair of boots sitting by the door. There are so many things to deal with, but they are all too tired to deal with them. Hiccup starts to rise again but Astrid shoves him back and a large black head plops down on his lap with the deep rumbling bark that passes for dragon laughter.

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He frowns and shoots Valka a look. My first day on the job and already, mutiny. Valka laughs as she sheds her armor and sinks into a chair. Her chair. Her father had made this for them as a wedding gift. The carved arches at the side slid out and under to turn it into a rocking chair. Hiccup grins at her. Mom, Astrid. She looks back at Astrid. Valka nods. Astrid Hofferson. She looks from one to the other.

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You two are engaged? Hiccup laughs as he sets his prosthetic to the side and stretches out a leg that ends just below the knee. No, no, I mean yeah, I mean, am I babbling again? I mean yes, I definitely mean yes, I definitely, I mean, someday, yeah. Hiccup drops out of character to frown at her. And the arm thing again! Why do you keep doing that thing with my arms? I do not do that thing with my arms! What do you mean by someday, someday soon? I need to get started on bossing you around forever! Astrid smacks the back of his head. He squeezes his eyes shut as he slides his stump into the water, but after a moment his face relaxes and he sighs in relief.

Toothless saved me. Five years. Gods, he battled a leviathan dragon at fifteen. And if the way Astrid remains silent and holds him a little tighter is any indication, he came close to losing much more than his leg. And losing a leg at only fifteen, Thor almighty, so young. Fifteen years old, going to war on dragon back, recovering from the loss of a limb, and where had she been to nurse him back to health?

Was it bad? Hiccup shrugs, though carefully so as not to jostle Astrid. I was out cold for days. The fire burned the whole thing off, cauterized the wound, deadened the nerve endings for a while. Toothless starts to snore softly and Hiccup lowers his good leg and after a moment his own eyes are fluttering closed. Astrid rolls her eyes and sits up. Shut up and enjoy it. Or do you prefer the days when I used to beat you up? They all fall into a happy tired silence and after a while Valka takes to stroking the head of a Terrible Terror that appears out of nowhere on the arm of her chair.

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Valka finds herself too exhausted to sleep; everything still feels strange here, in this house that looks so much and yet so little like the one she left behind. There was just this…hunk of charcoal in the shape of the bone. They went to take it off and it just sort of…crumbled away. Left all this burned up skin behind.

They cut some of it away but for the most part the job was already done.

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Nothing to do but bandage him up and treat the burns. Wind: S mph, shifting N mph around noon. Low: Wind: N mph. Wind: S 10 mph. Wind: SE mph.

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